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Empower Youth, Enrich Your Community.

The Cadet Program provides opportunities for youth to gain valuable knowledge and skills that build confidence and help pave the way in a transition to adulthood. Cadets engage in varied and unique experiences, while developing competencies in leadership, citizenship, and physical and mental fitness. Offering positive youth development programs, sea, land, and air cadet corps and squadrons are located in communities across Canada.

The Cadet Program strives to offer Cadets a safe, welcoming, and supportive program environment where all feel respected, valued, included and able to achieve their full potential.

Volunteers are essential to the success of the Cadet Program. They are the backbone of the program, providing leadership, mentorship, and support to the Cadets. Volunteers are typically parents, former Cadets, former or current members of the Regular Forces or Primary Reserve, or members of the community who are passionate about youth development and community service.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are typically used to fill the following roles (among others):

Benefits of Volunteering

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Application Process:

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